Christmas Home Activities

ख्रिसमस जवळ आला आहे. त्यानिमित्ताने घरी करता येण्यासारख्या activities ची लिस्ट लेकीच्या प्रीस्कूलमध्ये दिली आहे. ती शेअर करावीशी वाटली म्हणून शेअर करत आहे.

Christmas is the time for sharing. Participate in the joy of helping someone as you plan activities for you and your child to do together.

  • Make a Christmas card for a neighbor or home bound friend.
  • Bake cookies to give to a teacher.
  • Take a fruit basket to a nursing home or retirement center.
  • Go to grocery store for an elderly person.
  • Sing Christmas carols in the neighborhood.

Celebrate the joy of Christmas by helping others. Children learn by your example.


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